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yoga-ma's“ma”is for “間【space】”.
We wish our studio to be filled with smile, laughter, and communication as to make it a 【space】to deepen the connection with everyone whose there.
Take a look at yoga-ma’s logo mark.
Looks like a rain drop, sweat …
Yes - the letter “間” is arranged!
We wish all whom enjoy yoga to use our 【space】to link together.
Yoga-ma is a healing yoga studio with experienced instructors.
We offer lessons with careful instructions and humor for all beginners and advanced practitioners.
Now, why not start yoga step by step and enjoy the transformation of your body and mind!


エリカ | ERIKA

エリカ | ERIKA

カウ | KAU

カウ | KAU

ジュン | Jun

ジュン | JUN
and more...

Price List


Drop-in at 1 Lesson
(Nighttime of weekday , Weekend and National holiday)
3,000 yen
Drop-in at 1 Lesson
(Daytime of weekday)
2,000 yen
Matenrnity Yoga
Postnatal Recovery Yoga
2,500 yen

Rental price

6mm Thick Rental mat.
(3mm Thick Rental mat is free)
200 yen


Prepaid card

yoga-ma offer a reasonable prepaid card.
It is available for any payments(lessons, rental, etc.) at the studio.

Selling price (tax in) Available amount for use
10,000 yen -> 10,000 yen
30,000 yen -> 33,000 yen
Nighttime of weekday ,
Weekend and National holiday
90 minutes lesson
2,600 yen
75 minutes lesson
2,400 yen
Daytime of weekday 75 minutes lesson
2,000 yen
Matenrnity Yoga
Postnatal Recovery Yoga
2,500 yen
Following amount would be deducted from the available amount in the card per lesson.


**We do not take reservation, so please arrive 15 minutes early for class.
  For the first time, please arrive 20 minutes early for class to fill in the registration form.
**Classes start just on designed time, and latercomers will generally not be admitted.
**Please bring comfortable clothes which you can move freely.No need to wear shoes are socks during the classes.
**We recommend not to eat at least 2 hours prior to class.

Schedule in April

Schedule in March


Crest Hongo B1F, 2-8-7 Mukogaoka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0023
*the apartment which has Seven-Eleven on the 1st floor

1 minute walk from No.2 exit of Todaimae Station on Tokyo Metro Nanboku line. 8 minutes walk from Hakusan Station on the Toei Mita line.

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